We are nail crazy and you know it

hey(: pari and asmara here! this is our collab nail blog. we mostly reblog stuff, but occasionally will post our own. follow follow follow! <33

pari's personal - brownvalleygirl.tumblr.com
asmara's personal -xoxobitchz.tumblr.com

What theme do you use?

Infinite 2 by Blink and Its Over. But we don’t give out the code, sorry. 

promo for promo?

SURE. make sure you’re following us, and then message us!

do you post your own stuff?

not a lot, but occasionally we will (:

would you follow me if i asked you to?

maybe, but we usually only follow nail blogs. if you’re not a nail blog, we will still check you out, and consider following. 

where can i submit? can i only submit at a particular time?

we LOVE submissions! you guys should feel free to submit any time. our submit button is up at the top, right under our title (: be sure to submit a photo, rather than a link!

and sometimes we will have submission contests, where you submit your best nails, and we will promo the ones we like the most!